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Viola and Roses

Kusunoki -Waboku

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Enjoy the refreshing and calming fragrance of Japanese woods with these incense sticks. They blend the robust scents of camphor and sandalwood, evoking the powerful aroma of trees rising from the ground.

Made in Kyoto, Japan

Product Specs: 1" x 1" x 6.25"

Quantity: 25 sticks

Burning Time: Approximately 20-25 minutes per stick

Usage Instructions:

  • Light the tip of the incense stick and then extinguish the flame to let it smolder.
  • After lighting, set the incense stick in a non-flammable incense holder.
  • Use a plate or similar item to catch the ash that falls.
  • Do not use near flammable materials or in windy areas.
  • Even after the smoke dissipates, embers may remain, so handle with care.
  • Keep out of reach of children.